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Charles Leger

Charles Leger dit Larosette was my great, great, great, great grand-dad. Charles was born on 15 Jun 1749 in Port Royal, ACADIA . He was baptized on 15 Jun 1749 in Port Royal, ACADIA (St Jean Baptiste Church). He died on 17 May 1837 in Barachois, Westmorland, NEW BRUNSWICK and was buried on 19 May 1837 in Barachois, Westmorland, NEW BRUNSWICK (St Henri Cemetery). During the great deportation Charles remained behind with his godmother Marguerite Grosvalet and hid out on the Isle St.Jean - present day Prince Edward Island. After the deportation years ended he was found at Menoudie and then in 1804 is found at Shemogue. Father Desire Léger, great grandson of Charles and grandson of Paul writes" "Le Petit Charles" was among the first settlers to live at Shemogue. But he didn't settle there because the uplands in the area had already been taken and those on the western coasts of the harbor were marshy and unfit for cultivation. One morning, Petit Charles went by canoe around the west side, today called Petit Cap, and went on towards the border of the strait where he found better land. The following spring, after obtaining the grant of good land, he built a dwelling with axe and saw.They made tables, chairs, beds, plates, spoons, forks, and knives of the good wood. The weather sealing was made with rocks and clay mixed with hay and branches forming a mortar-like mass. A couple of windows on each side gave light to this primitive style house. When this log house was finished, Petit Charles brought out his family in the fall of the year by canoe". According to Placide Gaudet in a letter to J.E Quelette, a priest, which appears in the New Brunswick provincial archives, Charles then receives a land grant at Shemoque On June 12,1806 .On that date fourteen families were granted land,amongst them were Charles and two of his sons: Charles JR and Simon. Each was granted two hundred and sixty acres. Charles and his son Paul were given a grant of the land of about 400 acres at Trois Ruisseaux, lot no. 1, this double lot bordered the Duguay's on the east and commenced between Gervais Léger's land and Iveton Duguay's land and bordered his brother Moise Léger's land on the west. Petit Charles dit Larosette and his sons possessed land with a one-mile coastline with three brooks running through it into the sea; thus the little village was name Trois-Ruisseaux, today called, Léger Brook.
When Charles was in his eighties and in failing health, he went to live with his son Francois, who took care of him. Charles died at the age of eighty-seven. His wife, Marie, departing years before.
Charles (Dit Petit Charles)LEGERE dit Larosette and Marie BOURQUE were married on 15 Jun 1778 in Minudie (Menoudie, ACADIA), Cumberland, NOVA SCOTIA (Rg Franklin Manor). Marie BOURQUE (daughter of Jean Baptiste (Dit Jane) BOURQUE and Marie HEBERT) was born on 9 Jul 1763 in Minudie (Menoudie, ACADIA), Cumberland, NOVA SCOTIA (Rg Franklin Manor). Charles (Dit Petit Charles) LEGER and Marie BOURQUE had the following children:
Charles (Dit Charlitte) LEGER.
Isabelle (Elizabeth) LEGER.
Simon LEGER.
Moise (Dit Mitche) LEGER.
Scholastique (Collette) LEGER.
Hypolite (Paul) LEGER.
Francois LEGER.
Louis LEGER.
Madeleine LEGER was born in 1799 in Minudie, Cumberland, NOVA SCOTIA.
Modeste LEGER.
Paul Leger dit Larozette.